Shmuz #001 - An Eternal People
Length: 48 min
If ever there was a means devised by man to torture another man it was used on the Jews. If ever there was a diaboli­cal method used by man to kill another man, it was perpetrated on the Jews. And yet the Jewish Nation is still here. While all of her enemies have long since perished, this one, isolated, universally hated people is still around to tell the tale, still as vibrant, still as energetic, still as active in mind and spirit as ever. And even more telling, after almost 2,000 years of exile, this scattered nation, this sheep amongst the wolves, has found its way back to its homeland that it left so many centuries ago.Analyzing from a historical point of view the amazing resilience of the Jewish Nation, this Shmuz deals with some of the “Whys” behind the Jewish Nation’s continued existence and the factors that contributed to her continued success.