Rabbi Menashe Goldberger

Rabbi Goldberger is the COO of the Kollel, while also maintaining his teaching responsibilities in the Beis Midrash in Toco Hills. Rabbi Goldberger was ordained at Ner Israel Rabbinical College and has a Bachelors of Talmudic Law from there as well. His responsibilities at the Kollel currently include programming, fund-raising, shlepping, cup-stocking, and all other aspects of maintaining the Kollel's largest facility. Rabbi Goldberger is known for his singing talent and is in fact the son of a 7th generation cantor. Born in Akron Ohio, Rabbi Goldberger was raised in Silver Spring, MD and joined the Kollel in 1989 during which he also pursued 9 year career with the Torah Day School of Atlanta. Rabbi and Mrs. Goldberger have recently joined the Kollel Grandparents' club!

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Balak 5768 Perishus and Leadership Balak 35 min
Balak 5771 We are losing our minds Balak 40 min
Balak 5773 The Mashiach Symphony in three movements Balak 39 min
Pinchas 5763 Pinchas 37 min
Pinchas 5764 Mabat HaEmes - part 1 Pinchas 51 min
Pinchas 5765 If we judge ourselves Hashem wont have to Pinchas 36 min
Pinchas 5767 Pinchas 23 min
Pinchas 5768 Klal and Prat and Kana-us Pinchas 58 min
Pinchas 5769 Hechrech and Bechira begin AFTER a choice Pinchas 44 min
Pinchas 5771 How our minds work - Chochma Bina and Daas Pinchas 44 min
Pinchas 5773 Principle of Faith 1 - Absolute Truth Pinchas 49 min
Mattos 5771 Sample Torah learning with Chochma Bina and Daas Mattos 43 min
Mattos-Masei 5773 Principle of Faith 2 - Good and bad come from One Source Mattos 49 min
Devarim 5770 Hashem can be found only by those who seek Him Devarim 45 min
Devarim 5773 Principle of Faith 3 - We cannot hide from Hashem and Three rules of giving criticism Devarim 50 min
Eikev 5765 The four themes of Sefer Devarim - The Mussar of Mussar Eikev 38 min
Reeh 5765 The connection between physical and spiritual health Re'eh 39 min
Reeh 5768 Introducing Mesilas Yesharim as a stepwise path for growth Re'eh 34 min
Shoftim 5763 Shoftim 38 min
Shoftim 5766 Shoftim 24 min
Shoftim 5768 Torah Study - The only source for Emes Shoftim 45 min
Shoftim 5771 Daas Torah from Rav Yaakov Weinberg Shoftim 49 min
Ki Seitzei 5768 Torah Study defines and causes reality Ki Setzei 47 min
Ki Setzei 5773 Principle of Faith 4 - Hashem created the world for a reason and Finding our lost Jewish selves Ki Setzei 39 min
Ki Teitze 5766 Ki Setzei 27 min