Rabbi Menashe Goldberger

Rabbi Goldberger is the COO of the Kollel, while also maintaining his teaching responsibilities in the Beis Midrash in Toco Hills. Rabbi Goldberger was ordained at Ner Israel Rabbinical College and has a Bachelors of Talmudic Law from there as well. His responsibilities at the Kollel currently include programming, fund-raising, shlepping, cup-stocking, and all other aspects of maintaining the Kollel's largest facility. Rabbi Goldberger is known for his singing talent and is in fact the son of a 7th generation cantor. Born in Akron Ohio, Rabbi Goldberger was raised in Silver Spring, MD and joined the Kollel in 1989 during which he also pursued 9 year career with the Torah Day School of Atlanta. Rabbi and Mrs. Goldberger have recently joined the Kollel Grandparents' club!

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Acharei Mos;Kedoshim 5773 URGENT CALL - Jews are unique Acharei Mos 41 min
Acharei-Mos-Kedoshim 5770 Detour for Emunah-Faith in Hashem - part 3 Acharei Mos 55 min
Kedoshim 5763 Kedoshim 51 min
Kedoshim 5768 Kabalas HaTorah and Zehirus Kedoshim 41 min
Kedoshim 5771 The Basics of Kedusha - part 2 and Tribute to Mom Kedoshim 41 min
Emor 5763 Emor 31 min
Emor 5766 Emor 41 min
Emor 5767 We must be honest when we use Hashems Name Emor 30 min
Emor 5768 Kabalas HaTorah and Zerizus Emor 36 min
Emor 5770 Detour for Emunah-Faith in Hashem - part 4 Emor 47 min
Emor 5771 The Basics of Kedusha - part 3 Emor 41 min
Emor 5773 - What is A Jew Who are the Jews (according to the Kuzari) Emor 37 min
Behar 5763 Behar 38 min
Behar 5765 Keeping mitzvos is the solution we are looking for Behar 32 min
Behar 5768 Kabalas HaTorah and Nekius Behar 44 min
Behar 5771 The Basics of Eretz Yisrael - part 1 Behar 38 min
Behar Bechukosai 5770 Detour for Emunah-Faith in Hashem - part 5 Behar 45 min
Behar- Bechukosai 5767 Behar 36 min
Behar-Bechukosai 5766 Behar 35 min
Behar-Bechukosai 5769 Tahara and How do I know if I can be a Chasid - Abundance Mentality Behar 30 min
Behar;Bechukosai 5773 How can we accept the Torah and still exercise free will Behar 40 min
Bechukosai 5763 Bechukosai 38 min
Bechukosai 5765 If we make it simple so does Hashem Bechukosai 41 min
Bechukosai 5768 Kabalas HaTorah and Perishus Bechukosai 34 min
Bechukosai 5771 The Basics of Eretz Yisrael - part 2 Bechukosai 26 min