Rabbi Menashe Goldberger

Rabbi Goldberger is the COO of the Kollel, while also maintaining his teaching responsibilities in the Beis Midrash in Toco Hills. Rabbi Goldberger was ordained at Ner Israel Rabbinical College and has a Bachelors of Talmudic Law from there as well. His responsibilities at the Kollel currently include programming, fund-raising, shlepping, cup-stocking, and all other aspects of maintaining the Kollel's largest facility. Rabbi Goldberger is known for his singing talent and is in fact the son of a 7th generation cantor. Born in Akron Ohio, Rabbi Goldberger was raised in Silver Spring, MD and joined the Kollel in 1989 during which he also pursued 9 year career with the Torah Day School of Atlanta. Rabbi and Mrs. Goldberger have recently joined the Kollel Grandparents' club!

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Schlach 5770 Pathway to the World of Torah - Rav Volbe - Avoda Shelach 63 min
Shelach 5763 - The Spies Shelach 38 min
Shelach 5764 The delicate balance between Bitachon and Hishtadlus Shelach 46 min
Shelach 5765 The spies sin was a subtle error in independence from Hashem Shelach 43 min
Shelach 5766 Shelach 32 min
Shelach 5767 Shelach 42 min
Shelach 5768 The three major midos Shelach 33 min
Shelach 5769 Chasidus - Learning to juggle Hechrech and Bechira Shelach 44 min
Korach 5764 Your most important choice in life is your environment Korach 34 min
Korach 5765 Korachs sin was a subtle impurity in motive Korach 46 min
Korach 5767 Korach 45 min
Korach 5769 He was somewhere in-between Chasidus and Anava Korach 45 min
Korach 5771 Who is the real ME Korach 40 min
Korach 5773 Avoid Strife - Pursue Peace Korach 31 min
Chukas 5764 Asei lecha Rav - Lessons in learning from teachers and life Chukas 30 min
Chukas 5765 Kedusha explained through Moshe and the rock Chukas 47 min
Chukas 5767 Chukas 43 min
Chukas 5768 Chasidus and Anger Chukas 33 min
Chukas 5770 The Road Back part 1 - Where we are today Chukas 43 min
Chukas 5771 (Rabbi Michoel Friedman) Chukas 44 min
Chukas 5773 We comprehend neither chok laws nor the ways of Hashem Chukas 45 min
Chukas Balak 5763 Chukas 51 min
Chukas-Balak 5769 Becoming a Torah Jew on the inside - Rav Volbe intro to Alei Shur Chukas 43 min
Balak 5764 The difference between the levels of Moshe and Bilaam Balak 26 min
Balak 5765 The challenge of Mussar Balak 35 min